Customers and employees fake injuries all the time in hopes of a making a quick buck. They perpetrate these frauds because it works due to the plain fact that it usually costs less to settle than to fight the claim and they (and their lawyers) know it. Even with irrefutable video evidence that the injury was staged, your attorneys will likely recommend a settlement rather than taking the case all the way to court.

That is not much of sales pitch for buying a surveillance system I know. But what may convince you is that the settlement amount will most likely be a fraction of what the original claim was for. One of my customers recently had just such a case where an employee facing an imminent layoff, claimed to have slipped and fell on some ice in the office parking lot. The employee sought medical treatment the next day for pain in his arm and then reported the incident to HR. The company safety director then took the employees statement as would be typical for most companies.

During the safety directors investigation, several major discrepancies between the employees written and verbal statements, and the camera video were discovered. In short, the video showed that the fall never took place as was claimed, hence, the workman's comp claim was denied. The employee then pursued a civil claim with a private attorney. The case was eventually settled but for less than 25% of the original claim. Without going into specific amounts, I can say that the money the company saved due to the video footage, paid for the surveillance system many times over.

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