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Denver Security Camera specializes in high definition surveillance systems in the 1 to 100 camera markets.
We design, sell and install, and service all surveillance camera platforms whether it be IP, HD-TVI, HD-CVI, HD-SDI and even legacy SD-Analog.

Recent dramatic price decreases in equipment means that if you’ve been hesitant to invest in a new surveillance system because of the cost, now would be a good time to take another look.
With the new HD Analog cameras available now, it may be possible to use your existing coax cable and upgrade you to High Definition with just an equipment swap, saving you the expense of re-cabling.

We also provide network cabling services not only in support of IP cameras, but for data/voip, wireless access points, and wireless network bridges.

When designing your system, we will carefully consider your requirements when selecting components and recommend the best camera/lens and DVR/VMS for your application, regardless of brand. No cookie cutter systems here..., one size rarely fits all.

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What we do

IP Cameras

IP cameras offer the highest resolutions, the most flexible wiring topology, the most choices in recording software, the abiility to record to onboard SD media (and play back), the ability to view and configure the camera remotely over the internet, have inputs for remote sensors and outputs to turn on/off remote devices such as lights, the abiility to email or ftp snapshots of events, the ability to live-stream, and the list goes on... In fact, since IP cameras are basically mini embedded computers, it's possible to install a single IP camera without an external DVR that does everything you would need. The primary limitation being days of storage due to the capacity of the SD card installed.


HD-TVI, HD-CVI, HD-SDI, are all High Definition analog platforms with at least 1080p resolutions. We prefer TVI over the proprietary CVI and the persnickety SDI platforms, but we can and do provide service all CCTV system types. TVI will soon offer 5 megapixel resolutions with 4K not too far behind.
HD-Analog cameras cost less than IP mostly for the fact that they are "dumb" cameras. All they do is transmit video to the DVR which has to do all the heavy lifting with regards to compressing the stream for storage and analyzing the video for motion detection.
In many cases, we specify a "hybrid" system capable of recording both TVI and IP cameras on the same DVR. This allows you to take advantage of any existing coax cable you may have and the cost savings of TVI. At the same time, IP cameras can be used in situations or locations that warrant them. It's the best of both worlds.


There are still a great many Standard Definition Analog systems in service today. Chances are you made a sizeable investment when you originally purchased your system. We can maintain or even expand your legacy system until your ready to upgrade to HD.

Audio Surveillance

Augmenting recorded video with audio can be an amazing benefit. It could be the difference in identifying intruders, resolving conflicts between customers and employees, etc, etc.

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Network Services

DSC can make adds, moves, changes, and service your Cat5/6 network infrastructure. We can also install and configure guest WiFi access points or extend your network to remote buildings with a wireless bridge, IP over Coax, or fiber.

Commercial Sound Systems

Common in restaurants, office buildings, and hotel lobbies, we install zoned sound systems for background music and/or public address.

Marketing/Social Media

Live stream HD video and optional audio to your YouTube channel from your store, restaurant, club, venue or event center. Indoors or out. No monthly fees!
High speed broadband required with minimum of 3 Mbps upload speed for HD.


Commercial Properties
  • Office Buildings
  • Strip Malls
  • Industrial-Warehouse Complexes

Protect your facility, your tennants and their clients.


Loss and fraud protection.


Overserves, employee food theft, customer incidents, slip and fall.

Contractor/Equipment yards

Asset tracking, vehicle/equipment condition, employee and visitor activity.

Construction Sites

Loss prevention, safety policy enforcement, jobsite management.

High Value Assets
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Storage Condos

Perfect for our Single Camera IP package...

Apartment/Condo Complex's

Protect your residents by keeing an eye on parking lots and common areas.

Amusement Centers

General observation, accident/incident investigation, social marketing.

Golf Courses

Cover your entire course or only what you need with a few well placed solar powered fixed or PTZ cameras.

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